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Red Vs. Dakota, Part 1

Red vs. Dakota

By Foamy McDeath

Red: *walks around in the city Hollywood, minding her own business*
Dakota: *walks and bumps into Red.*
Red: HEY! Watch where your going!
Dakota:¡Oh, estoy tan APESADUMBRADO!
Red: Well, you better be, ‘cause sorry doesn’t HELP!
Dakota: Hola, Soy Dakota. ¿Cuál es su nombre?
Red: What?!?! Can you speak ENGLISH!? And, What the HELL?!
Dakota:Apesadumbrado, hablo solamente español...
Red: Okay... You’re starting to scare me... Wait... I know you... You’re DAKOTA FANNING!
Dakota:Sí! Soy El Aventar De Dakota. ¿usted tienen gusto de una dedicatoria? ^^
Red: No... I was wondering... Where the Hell did you come from?!
Dakota:¡Yo y mis amigos de la celebridad iban en una caminata! ^^
Hilary Duff: TACO!
Muffet: *appears next to Red*
Red: HEY! Why the Hell are you doing HERE!??!
Muffet: I was minding my own business... So, I went on a walk...
Dakota:¡Hola Muffet! ¿usted tienen gusto de una dedicatoria?
Muffet: What? I don’t speak Spanish... Could you speak English or Something?
Dakota:No, nací en Kansas. Pero mis padres hicieron que aprende español y ahora no puedo hablar inglés más...: ' (
Lindsey Lohan: That’s just sad! *blows on tissues*
Red: That’s just Sad... Even for me... But, would you come to that dark Alley?
Dakota:¡Autorización! ¿Qué vamos a hacer allí?
Red: You’ll see...
-Dakota, Red, and Muffet walk in the Alley-
Dakota: ¿Así pues, por qué estamos aquí otra vez?
Red: Here’s the surprise, Right... About... Now... *chops of Dakota Fanning’s head with her saw*
Muffet: So, Why did you do that?
Red: It’s to stop Dakota from Destroying all Mankind.
Muffet: But, she was nice.
Red: You mean she WAS trying to be nice, but SHE was EVIL!
Muffin: Oh... I don’t get it.
Red: Nevermind... -_- Nevermind...
-End of Part 1-
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