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Stop Dakota Now!

She eats your BRAINS!

Anti Dakota Fanning
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A B O U T ;
Here at stopdakotanow, we wish that Dakota Fanning would stop acting. We despise her movies, her voice, and pretty much everything else about her. If you are a fan of Dakota Fanning and stumbled apon here, please leave. We try to not annoy you, so please don't annoy us.
R U L E S ;
01. Dont join if you're a fan of Dakota.
02. Don't fight with over members here. Take it somewhere else. We don't like drama.
03. Only talk about Dakota or anything related to Dakota, please. That means no posts about being a new member, community promotions, add me's, etc. Posts about Elle Dakota are welcome
04. Fanfics, comics, photoshopped pictures, etc. is allowed. As long as it's about Dakota and is making fun of her.
P R O M O T E ;
Here you can take whatever banner you want and put in your profile. Please host it at photobucket.com or tinypic.com so it doesn't take up our bandwidth.
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